Thanks for finding me here – I’m really glad you’ve made it.

I have a simple view that if you can help others to do better then you will do better too. It has served me well in my career with large corporates and small businesses alike.

If you have something that I may be able to help with then feel free to drop me a line at email Richard@RichardMorgan.me if I can’t help I will know someone who can.

Principles I like to work by:

1. Keep it Simple – for people to ‘get’ and understand things I like to make the things I create or explain as simple to use as I can make them. Be sure that simple doesn’t get confused with non value adding though.

2. Win / Win – I work best when I trust the people I work with, so my approach is always to seek an outcome that works for you and works for me.

3. Live in the gap – the gap between action and reaction is a short gap but for me, an important one to ensure any reaction is a ‘considered’ action not a knee-jerk response. Don’t confuse this with pondering or in-action – it is not.

4. Have FUN – make the most of the time you have and have fun doing it. If you’re not having fun, go and find something else that inspires and enthuses you – life’s too short!  🙂